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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas was Joyous, I got to see my son. Skype is a blessing when it works!

I have a lot of friends and family that have asked when our son can call home and talk to us, and even further discussion on what the mission rules are on correspondence. I have taken a little time and have done some research since I am a new missionary mom, and some of my family and Duncan's friends are also new to this process. Here is the concatonated version :
Write to your family each week on preparation day.
Limit correspondence with others.
Calls to your immediate family on Christmas and Mothers day are to be no longer than 30-40 minutes.
You may communicate with your family and
mission president by e-mail, according to approved
guidelines. Missionary use of email is a priveldge and can be lost entirely if misused -- heres an update frm the standard rules that I just got. 


Its pretty straight up. Duncan can write letters on Preparation day (snail mail) to anyone he likes to. On Mondays, he can email his dad and me and friends within reason. He can write to his sisters, brother, grandparents, etc and they are encouraged that these emails be uplifting. If you would like regular mail and dont email much, I highly recommend sending Duncan a self addressed stamped envelope. The boy is not big on words . Email cannot be misused. If it is, he will lose his priveledges entirely. Yes, even if you feel like family.  (and we love you for feeling that way). 

Duncans address for now is still in McKinney Tx. I do not forsee a transfer right away so If you want to send a postcard or letter, just IM me, and I will give you his address.
On another note, I heard from him today, and he is doing well. Biking is pretty hazardous where they are right now. He said they are often fored to bike inside of construction zone cones and areas to avoid drivers too near them at 60MPH. He thanked me for sending him with reflective gear, and by now he will have his amazon love gift of an even better vest, some spoke lights and a snazzy tail light. 
I am really grateful for all the cards and letters and love gifts that everyone sent duncan at Christmas. Thank you from me and from him  :)) Oh, and he told us Christmas day that he met a Navaho man on a bus, and that after finding out Duncan has a little skosh of Cherokee in him, he gave him a Navajo name.He was touched by the mans interest in him. :) . 

Thanks, friends.

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