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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Momday and a classic car meets wild pig

Happy MONDAY! Who says Mondays are bad? Well up until a couple of months ago, I would have agreed they were not my favorite day.Putting a son on a mission, and knowing its the one day you get email from him changes your whole outlook. So today was awesome. I had a chance to get way more information about how the Elder Saxey is doing. Ive been living off of a sentance here or heres the wrap:

This is the ride that the Elders are proveledged enough to go to Church on every Sunday. Duncan is a car guy thanks to me, so it was the first thing he sent me. He said that last week they barely missed a 200 pound pig on the road! a 200 pound pig? I would hate to see that happen, but it would be way worse to see him run into one his bike! Im hoping he packs that camera with him everywhere JUST in case they run across one thats not too mad!

This weeks request: please send me some new Tshirts (which is funny if you had been shopping with hin before he left) so I hooked up with Threadless and sent him some new shirts with a Native American theme. He'll love them.

"Im great, Elder Robbins is great, I ove it here. The members keep us fed so that is keeping food costs down YAAAAAY. I get to stop at QT now and then (a major treat since they have the best Mountain Dew on the planet) Josh Haws will get a kick out of that." " Hows Leah,  and how is Dad?" " EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" and "Im getting mail, yay!" Other than that he wanted me to rescue his hoodie from his sister (of course he knew she had it LOL).  I also have his tiny Christmas wish list so if you are interested I think a card would be grand. I cant post his address here, so just give me a holler at

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